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This is a weekly podcast about user adoption.

What is this all about?

Listen to the Introduction to the User Adoption Podcast and find out.


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What is user adoption?

User adoption is the process where a person accepts the changes and continues to use a product or service that solves the user’s challenge more efficiently and/or more effectively than before.

This often involves change (gulp) so change management can be involved. So we interviewed some change management professionals. There is even a certification for that.

This often involves budgets (money) and schedules (time) so we interviewed a few business owners, product managers and project managers.

All these users are people, so psychology can be involved and we interviewed some psychology professionals.

This could involve technology, however most of the time it does not. We interviewed people who help adopt technology solutions as well as non-technology solutions. Find out what user adoption does involve in these interviews.

Just to be clear, we will NOT talk about the adoption of children nor pets. We will cover people (users) adopting a wide variety of products and services.

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